Join WJI 2030 at Watches & Wonders

The Watch and Jewellery Initiative 2030 was officially established in Geneva, on April 1st 2022 at the last edition of Watches and Wonders Geneva. WJI 2030 hosted a panel which commemorated the official establishment of the association, and therefore, it is fitting that we take this opportunity, one year later, at Watches & Wonders 2023 to commemorate 1 year of the association.

This year, at Watches & Wonders, WJI 2030 is delighted to host a high-level 30 minute panel, on the opening day of Watches & Wonders. Watches & Wonders will welcome nearly 50 brands, with most of the main players of the industry gathered to present their novelties during a week of wonders.

If you are at Watches & Wonders, please join us:

Monday 27th of March,
15:45-16:15 CET

If not now, when? If not us as an industry, who?

This CEO Panel is about shaping the sustainability agenda in an ever evolving regulatory and consumer landscape. Different drivers are accelerating transparency. The consumer is looking for trust and purpose, they want a company to demonstrate positive impact. Talent wants to work for a company that embraces true values and inclusion. How can one navigate itself in this ecosystem?


The Watch and Jewellery Initiative 2030 hosted its second members workshop at Cartier, in Geneva

The Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030 hosted its members, strategic partners and key experts for the second time on Wednesday February 15th at the WJI 2030 Members Workshop. The goal for the day was to be inspired, to update members on the current status and progress made till date, explore the active role members can play in governance, and start actioning the 3 strategic pillars, building on the expectations shared during our first members workshop in October 2022. The priorities were clear, and how we move forward is fundamental to delivering our goals in a pragmatic approach.

When it came to actioning the 3 pillars, our members, partners, and experts came together to shape the vision for delivering positive impact, discussing concrete actions and developing roadmaps that will help us launch new workstreams and deliver on our 3 key pillars: Climate Resilience, Preserving Resources, and Fostering Inclusiveness.

On each of these topics working groups were organised in order to share input and experiences, allow members to provide suggestions, and more importantly, agree on meaningful commitments on a large range of stakes such as biodiversity, human rights and climate change.

Two workstreams have been launched on gender responsive procurement with UN Women and transparency reporting with ESG book.

We had the privilege of welcoming Mr. Cyrille Vigneron during the workshop, to share some insightful perspectives and engage in a Q&A discussion with our members. CEO leadership is fundamental to this initiative, and it was a pleasure to welcome Mr. Cyrille Vigneron to demonstrate why commitment needs to be at the highest level. 

The WJI 2030 is looking forward to embarking on this critical journey with its members from many of the world’s leading Watch and Jewellery organisations, and sharing our roadmap ahead in the coming weeks.  

WJI 2030 and members held inaugural workshop in Paris

The WJI2030 team and members of the Initiative, including representatives from many of the world’s leading watch, jewellery and diamond brands, came together in an inaugural workshop in Paris in October to review the current sustainability scene in the watch and jewellery industry, to shape a vision for creating positive impact, provide updates on their governance structure, and to advance a shared focus through collaboration and partnerships. 

“We thank our members as well as Boston Consulting Group (BCG)Arabesque (ESG Book), BSR, Hill & Co for joining us in person (and remotely) for the first Members’ Workshop at Kering in Paris. Thank you Marie-Claire Daveu for hosting us in your beautiful premises,” said WJI2030 Executive Director Iris Van Der Veken.

“This is the beginning of an exciting journey towards 2030. We have an important mission to leave no one behind. The time is now.”