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GFA and WJI 2030 Forge Alliance to Drive Sustainability in Fashion, Watch, and Jewellery Industries

Copenhagen, June 28, 2023 – The fashion, watch, and jewellery industries, known for their intricate value chains and multifaceted challenges, are taking a bold step towards creating a better world. GFA (Global Fashion Alliance), a leading non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the transition to a net-positive fashion industry, has joined forces with WJI 2030 (Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030), an initiative founded by Kering and Cartier with a focus on building climate resilience, preserving resources, and fostering inclusiveness in the watch and jewellery sectors.

The alliance between GFA and WJI 2030 was formally initiated at the Global Fashion Summit: Copenhagen Edition 2023, which took place on 27-28 June. The Global Fashion Summit, presented by GFA, is internationally recognized as the foremost forum for sustainability in the fashion industry. This year’s edition integrated valuable perspectives and learnings from the watch and jewellery industries into its program. With the theme of ‘Ambition to Action,’ the summit presented experiences, case studies, and strategic roundtable meetings to drive tangible impact.

Beyond the summit in Copenhagen, the GFA-WJI 2030 alliance will remain active throughout the year, collaborating at influential forums such as the international edition of the Global Fashion Summit in September and COP28 in December. These platforms will provide opportunities for fashion, watch, and jewellery executives worldwide to come together, fostering knowledge exchange, supporting commitments, and implementing impactful programs.

By harnessing the collective power of GFA’s extensive ecosystem of global fashion brands, retailers, and manufacturers, and WJI 2030’s commitment to climate resilience and inclusiveness, the alliance aims to spearhead transformative change across the fashion, watch, and jewellery sectors. Together, they seek to address environmental impacts, champion human rights, and preserve resources for future generations.

“There are many differences between fashion and jewellery, but also many similarities. This is an opportunity to understand where we can bridge gaps, learn from each other on solutions and best practices, and foster an environment where cross-sectoral synergies and collaboration are increased. 

A consumer that wears fashion and jewellery deserves integrity. We work in an industry of beauty, art and lifestyle. That requires a double responsibility to deliver the promise of beauty and trust.” 
– Iris Van der Veken, Executive Director and Secretary General, WJI 2030

The GFA-WJI 2030 alliance sets the stage for a new era of collaboration, knowledge sharing, and collective action. As the fashion, watch, and jewellery sectors face complex challenges, this partnership signals a resolute commitment to building a more sustainable, inclusive, and resilient future.

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About the Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030

Driven by a common conviction that the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aspirations for a sustainable industry can only be achieved through collaborative efforts, the Watch and Jewellery Initiative 2030 has been launched by Cartier and Kering.

The Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030, Member of the Global Compact and signatory of the Women Empowerment Principles is a global initiative open to all Watch and Jewellery players with a national or international footprint committed to a common core of key sustainability goals in three areas: building climate resilience, preserving resources, and fostering inclusiveness.

About GFA (Global Fashion Alliance):

GFA is a leading non-profit organization dedicated to accelerating the transition to a net-positive fashion industry. With the support of a wide ecosystem of global fashion brands, retailers, and manufacturers, GFA drives collaborative efforts and implements sustainable practices to create a more environmentally and socially responsible fashion sector.

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