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Greening watches and jewellery – collaborating for a tangible impact

Can competitors become collaborators? Yes, when #sustainability is the collective goal. 

In the latest episode of Deloitte’s Luxury on Air Podcast, WJI 2030 Executive Director Iris Maria Alexis Van der Veken joins Karine Szegedi to discuss the Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030, the importance of collective action in a multi-stakeholder ecosystem, and the Initiatives core pillars, climate change, preserving resources and fostering inclusiveness. 

Listen now to find out how luxury companies are aligning their behaviors to create a more sustainable future.

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Hosted by Karine Szegedi and Felicitas Morhart, Luxury On Air is brought to you by Deloitte Switzerland and the The Swiss Center for Luxury Research at HEC Lausanne (UNIL). Karine and Felicitas bring their knowledge of the luxury industry from two very different vantage points – the worlds of consulting and academia – to discuss, analyse and hypothesise such transformational topics affecting the luxury industry