Member Workshop #3 at UFBJOP, Paris

Paris, June 23, 2023 – Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030 (WJI 2030) achieved another significant milestone during a productive gathering in Paris, hosted by Bernadette Pinet-Cuoq, Executive President of UFBJOP. The event marked a pivotal moment in the development of the organization’s biodiversity roadmap, outlining concrete actions for its members to undertake. The discussions showcased substantial progress in the strong collaboration with the Science Based Targets initiative, as participants transitioned from initial steps to acceleration.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion was a prioritized topic, addressed by WJI 2030 Board member  and DE&I expert, Dr. Anino Emuwa, who shared insights and engaged discussions which will inform the comprehensive work plan to guide member’s future actions. At the heart of these conversations lay the crucial topics of disclosure and reporting. The contributions of the team at ESG Book were acknowledged for their unwavering support in shaping a solution that aligns with the overarching goals for making progress in each of WJI 2030’s Three Pillars.

WJI 2030 expressed gratitude to its partners, Boston Consulting Group (BCG), BSR, and The Biodiversity Consultancy Ltd, and ESG Book for their continued collaboration, guiding the journey toward impactful actions. With over 50 members, all driven to lead and accelerate sustainability efforts, WJI 2030 commended their commitment, openness, and valuable contributions.

Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030 remains steadfast in its mission to propel the industry forward, foster collaboration, and champion sustainability as integral components of its vision.

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About the Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030

Driven by a common conviction that the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and aspirations for a sustainable industry can only be achieved through collaborative efforts, the Watch and Jewellery Initiative 2030 has been launched by Cartier and Kering.

The Watch & Jewellery Initiative 2030, Member of the Global Compact and signatory of the Women Empowerment Principles is a global initiative open to all Watch and Jewellery players with a national or international footprint committed to a common core of key sustainability goals in three areas: building climate resilience, preserving resources, and fostering inclusiveness.

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