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Stakeholder Report 2023 Launch

Over the last six months, WJI 2030 has conducted an extensive multi-stakeholder consultation – specifically on our strategy, approach and governance – with various key industry stakeholders, including our members, partners, associations, experts, and the wider industry.

Collaborative leadership is key as no single organisation or sector has all the knowledge and resources that are needed to make real progress.

Multi-stakeholder consultation is a fundamental part of the WJI 2030, and we aim to embed this approach into all that we do. Over 80 organisations took part in this consultation that has surfaced clear priority issues with respect to governance, leadership, strategy and operations. We will continue the consultation in the coming months.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have dedicated time to this consultation and provided their feedback and support.

In light of this, WJI 2030 is pleased to announce the release of the Stakeholder Report 2023, providing an update on the Initiative, key findings from the consultations, and an overview of the governance framework and priorities.

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