WJI 2030 Insights Newsletter: Nov 2023

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: Perspectives with Dr. Anino Emuwa

“DE&I initiatives help companies to attract and retain talent, foster innovation, access a diverse customer base, and improve decision-making and performance. They also demonstrates their commitment to a more just and equitable world.”

Dr. Anino Emuwa, award-winning global expert and public speaker on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and WJI 2030 Board Member   

What are the biggest opportunities in the jewellery industry for DE&I?

The watch and jewellery sectors provide big and compelling opportunities for D, E & I that exist across customer acquisition, talent, and leadership. Embracing D, E & I in conjunction with sustainability empowers companies to respond to the demands of the evolving consumer landscape, with a key focus on the influential youth demographic. To cater to an increasingly diverse customer base requires creativity which can be stimulated by attracting designers and marketing teams from underrepresented groups. Cultural influences and the emergence of gender-fluid jewellery signify important shifts in the industry. Vital to success is talent acquisition and retention, achieved through cultivating an inclusive environment that fosters a sense of belonging to stimulate innovation and boost productivity. Research underscores the advantage of diverse and inclusive leadership teams, for better decision-making, risk management, and improved performance. 

What are your objectives for making D, E & I a priority in the upcoming year for WJI 2030?

WJI 2030 has started on excellent footing with rapid growth in membership with companies that are engaged and demonstrate commitment to the Initiative’s core pillars. It is critically important to build on this momentum and we have started to develop the D, E & I roadmap. As a first step, we have launched a survey to take stock of the D, E & I status of each member organisation, recognising that companies will be at different stages in the journey and therefore the plans and goals will have different timelines. A task force which includes representatives from member organisations will be launched , and together with external consultants, a D, E & I toolkit is being developed and will be tested before rolling out to members.

What is one step jewellery & watch companies can take now? 

Integrating D, E & I objectives into strategic plans by top leadership is crucial. By translating these objectives into KPIs for executives, companies can drive tangible progress making this approach the most effective way to build an inclusive organisation.