Gucci hosts WJI

WJI 2030 Insights Newsletter: Nov 2023

Gucci hosts WJI

Gucci Hosts WJI 2030 Panel on Circularity in Florence

We were delighted to be hosted by Gucci in Florence on November 8th for a fireside chat with Nevio Benvenuto, Gucci Head of CSR & Sustainability, Francesca Manfredi, Kering Head of Sustainable Innovation Watches & Jewellery, Kal Menia, Gucci Head of Production & Product Care. Moderated by WJI 2030 Executive Director and Secretary General, Iris Van der Veken, the discussion revolved around the key topics of climate, circularity, and inclusiveness. As leaders in the sector, we appreciated diving deeper into Gucci’s journey to generate positive impact for people and our planet. As a member of WJI 2030, Gucci has made its commitment to driving measurable progress in sustainability paramount.

Nevio Benvenuto spoke on Gucci’s journey towards reducing environmental impact, “We are focused on designing out waste and pollution while enhancing durability, reuse, recycling and second life of our collections”

Francesca Manfredi addressed sustainability challenges in the sector and how circularity fits into the watch and jewellery industry.
“Only few years ago, a strap made out of scraps was not even imaginable for a luxury watch brand. Today it sounds obvious to have it in collection, marking how fast consumers needs are evolving. Circularity is a long, complex but fascinating process that requires a structured collaboration between brands and suppliers.”

Kal Menia discussed in detail the importance of circularity in Gucci’s strategy, “long-lasting quality and durability are significant assets in promoting circularity when it comes to products. Craftsmanship and retaining luxury’s inherent value coupled with encouraging repair and reuse to extend products’ lifespans ultimately fosters customer loyalty.”

Iris then spoke on gender equality, “When we look at the global watch and Jewellery industry, we know from research that 90% of consumer behaviour is influenced by women. Yet, when we look at the 2030 agenda, we are almost 300 years behind.

As actors in the luxury sector, we must concretely work to activate a transformative, inclusive journey for women and see that DEI becomes a strategic imperative for CEOs.”

Thank you to Antonella Centra, Marie-Claire Daveu and Gucci and Kering for being agents of change, sharing their work and inspiring us as we come together in Italy for our fourth member workshop. Cyrille Vigneron, thank you for your continuous leadership, support, and encouragement.

In Photo: WJI 2030 Members Gather at the Gucci Archives in Florence, Italy for a Panel on Climate, Circularity, and Inclusiveness on Nov. 8, 2023