WJI2030 Insights Newsletter: Dec 2022

French Jewellery and Gemstone Group UFBJOP Urges Trade Members to Join WJI 2030

Bernadette Pinet-Cuoq, Executive President of French jewellery and gemstones association UFBJOP, speaks about why the group joined WJI 2030 and of the importance that other trade members follow suit to drive forward a shared vision to contribute to strengthening climate resilience, conserving resources and fostering inclusion in the jewellery sector. 

Why has UFBJOP joined WJI 2030?

The UFBJOP places at the heart of its mission the support of companies in implementing ambitious policies in terms of social and environmental responsibility. Thus, from the creation of the Responsible Jewellery Council nearly 20 years ago, the Union has supported its members in obtaining RJC certification. It has made the Code of Practices accessible to all its members and continues to support them in the application of the new standard and the renewal of accreditations.

It was therefore an obvious decision for the Union to join the WJI 2030 last September as an affiliate member, in the belief that our industry should make a concrete and effective commitment to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals: strengthening climate resilience, conserving resources and fostering inclusion.

Why is this Initiative important?

The Watch and Jewellery Initiative is important but above all fundamental. It is innovative and well-structured.

  • Innovative, because it will engage our industry in concrete actions to protect our planet and link the jewellery sector to the most demanding and highest environmental and social standards.
  • Well-structured, because it is a collaborative approach that brings together stakeholders in the value chain, and in the individual and collective transformation of the sector.

Do you recommend that other groups in the jewellery and gemstone industry join WJI 2030? What types of entities should join?  Why is it important that they do so?

We hope that companies in the sector will mobilize around the Initiative: brands, manufacturing workshops, traders in precious metals, and traders in precious stones. For this action to be crowned with success, the Union must support its members in this process. This is why the Union has already undertaken action to raise awareness among its members of the importance of the WJI 2030, which addresses the challenges of sustainable development in the sector. 

We are pushing forward implementation of a CSR policy in the corporate sector. Ten workshops joined the first session of our “CSR Impact” programme, which takes place in several stages: collective training on social and societal environmental issues, individualized support in structuring the CSR policy from the outset to an action plan, and implementation.

Based on this feedback and in order to facilitate CSR actions by as many people as possible, we are going to establish a simplified sectoral framework for CSR.