WJI 2030 Insights Newsletter: Dec 2023

Introducing The Human Rights Navigator

WJI 2030 is pleased to share the launch of the Human Rights Navigator Tool, developed in partnership with BSR, and A Positive Impact Sarl. The Human Rights Navigator provides practical guidance, tools, and insights to help beginning and advanced companies strengthen their human rights due diligence, aligned with the evolving regulatory framework.

The regulatory landscape and stakeholder expectations are rapidly evolving. In the EU, the trend towards legislating human rights is making human rights a business imperative. For example, the Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive (CSDDD), which will require companies operating in the EU to report on human rights and environmental due diligence efforts from 2026-2028 onwards, is expected to drive an increase in human rights disclosure and corporate transparency.

At the same time, the rise in human rights related litigation means that companies are becoming increasingly accountable for ensuring – and conducting due diligence to ensure – that human rights are respected in their own operations and value chains, and that they are accurate and forthcoming in reporting on their human rights impacts.

The Navigator is a response to the external environment but also to the internal and expressed needs of the WJI2030 membership to ensure that our industry respects and promotes human rights, in line with our overarching goal on Pillar 3. 

Access the Human Rights Navigator here